Mesotherapy: what it is and what it is used for

Mesotherapy is one of the latest techniques developed by aesthetic medicine with the aim of solving problems related to the stagnation of subcutaneous and cutaneous fluids, also known as water retention. Thanks to its application, therefore, in addition to reducing and counteracting cellulite, this therapy allows to give greater tone and elasticity to the skin. The name (meso-therapy) refers to treatments aimed at improving the health of the dermis and, in particular, its depths.

The intradermal injections allow for a greater rapidity of effect by the drugs and the reaching of deeper tissues with lower doses of pharmacological solution; the treatments must be carried out exclusively by doctors within authorized health facilities. Numerous scientific studies have shown that injecting healing substances directly into the skin, as in mesotherapy, allows for maximum benefits to be obtained by containing unwanted or side effects of drugs.

Mesotherapy, in addition to being a more than adequate technique to combat the presence of cellulite, is also often used to eliminate localized adiposity, rejuvenate the face and to combat problems related to osteopathies and arthropathies.